Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet is based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods. What are the benefits and diet guidelines? What are the Benefits of eating raw food?

Vegetarian Soups – Hearty Vegetarian And Raw Soup Recipes


Winter is the right time to enjoy soups. Soups not only warm up your body, they also carry great nutritional value. Generally, people tend to go for processed soups because of their easy accessibility and becasue they are easy to make. But, these soups don’t carry a good amount of proteins and minerals vital for your immune system. Following are some awesome vegetarian soups that have both nutrition and taste.

Green Life – Deciphering Organic Food Labels

USA Organic Seal

A great number of would like to eat organic food rather than the food thought to be unhealthy and filled with chemicals. This is why they are prepared to pay a lot more for a good diet. In these circumstances businesses selling organic food are making more income than ever

Natural Food And Products


Fortunately for those of us newly interested in eating organic and raw foods, there are lots of products out there. Natural and organic foods used to be found only in natural food stores, and those could be few and far between. While not as ubiquitous as McDonald’s, there ARE many more stand-alone stores. And the grocery chains are catching on too, with more organic selections than ever before. If you don’t see them in your grocery store, just ask. You’re probably not the only person in your neighborhood who’d like to see more of these options.

Recipes For Raw Food


Since you’ve been consuming natural foods and altering your lifestyle, you’re feeling much better, discovering you have a lot more energy, and are purging the poisons from your system. You’re also rediscovering the great flavors that natural foods possess, as well as discovering the advantages the uncooked enzymes have on your health. And summer offers the ideal chance to increase your taste buds and try a variety of fantastic new produce choices you’d never dared explore before.Don’t let your new-found motivation and energy wander off once you set foot in the kitchen because you’ve run out of new and thrilling natural food meal choices. Try a few of these fresh ideas to and some zing back to your mealtime and keep on down the raw food path to enhanced health, energy and pleasure.

How To Eat Healthily And Boost Your Energy Levels


When you mention energy foods, most people will think about something that’s high in sugar or caffeine, or maybe one the many energy stimulant drinks you can buy in every grocery store. If you’re concerned about your well being at all, you’ll be pleased to know that there are much healthier ways to get an energy kick, namely by eating natural, organic raw foods.

Organic Food Diet


Demi Moore is prone to making a buzz in Hollywood. Her work in the Charlie’s Angels “Full Throttle” movie in 2003 revealed a very svelte looking 40 year old who looked every bit as good as her twenty-something counterparts. The secret to her toned body? This well known Hollywood actress adheres to the raw food diet and it shows! Demi Moore is not the only one who believes in this diet. Other well known followers of the raw food diet include Woody Harrelson, Sting and Donna Karan.

Information About Starting A Raw Foods Lifestyle


Rawism is a lifestyle that promotes the consumption of organic, unprocessed, and uncooked food. Most people who engage in this type of diet firmly believe that the more raw food they consume, the healthier they will be. They also believe that meats cooked above one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit lack nutrition and are even harmful to the body. The raw food diet has many critics from doctors to nutritionists, yet is still fairly popular. The following is a bit of information regarding how to embark on your own.