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Green Life – Any which way to establishing green living. Whether it be through eco-friendly environmental information; or various ways of sustainable living.

Benefits Of Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss

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Choosing The Benefits Of Natural Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

Natural colon cleanse weight loss is the buzzword currently, not just by celebrities and well-known personalities but ordinary individuals that have learned early on the value of making the colon freed from any impurities.

Green Living To Save The Earth

green living

As more and more people realize the good effect green living has on our surroundings, it is becoming a more accepted way of  living. Since there are still a lot of questions regarding green living, people are often uncertain about the best way to go about it. A lot of people envisage that with green…

Choosing Cars That Are Good For The Environment

choosing cars safe for the environment

Buying Cars That Are Environmentally Friendly The more we depend on fossil fuels, the more we will see our environment polluted by its effects. It’s crucial that things begin changing right away and one of the most effective ways to begin is with autos. Cars contribute towards the emissions released which can hurt the environment,…

Some Benefits Of Renewable Energy For The Home

renewable energy

Important Facts About Renewable Energy When the technical industry first released news about being able to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity (renewable energy), mankind started having hope for cheaper electricity and no reason to pay an electric bill. Now, it is possible to generate your own electricity and do away with conventional means…

Green Life: What Is In Our Drinking Water – Part 1?


It is no secret that drinking water is vital to health and wellness. Though, often the water that we receive from our tap is riddled pollutants with chemical substances which are damaging to our health. Sometimes, this is readily noticeable due to smell or discoloration, yet there are many substances that are not seen and go unnoticed. Tap water, in many areas across the world has been tested and alarmingly have residue of harmful chemicals, organic and non-organic. A great way to understand what is in the water we

Green Life – Deciphering Organic Food Labels

USA Organic Seal

A great number of would like to eat organic food rather than the food thought to be unhealthy and filled with chemicals. This is why they are prepared to pay a lot more for a good diet. In these circumstances businesses selling organic food are making more income than ever

Adult Stem Cells – Supplements With Blue Green Algae

adult stem cells - blue algae and green algae - supplements AFA

AFA, or blue green algae, is known to be one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Health advantages have been studied and results concluded that it was very beneficial for immune system and cell condition. The sun, water and air provide the nutrients that make algae grow. More vitamins and minerals can be found in naturally grown algae than in what is cultivated. Tests have shown that boosting stem cell release and migration can be accomplished through the extract taken from AFA.

Yoga For Weight Loss


Not very long ago in the Unites States, it seemed the only people who practiced yoga were sun worshipers and flower children. Many Americans didn’t really understand the discipline and associated it with women sitting in the lotus position trying to use it to relax. And most of those people probably questioned whether it was even good for relaxation.