Spells: Practice Caution With Love Spells That Work Free

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The world people live in today is a mundane one. There are only a very few people alive today who still believe in the power of magic. It is not hard to sympathize with those who do not believe as there are plenty of counterfeit free spells all around us. Those who have a slight belief are led astray because of such spells. Although not all free spells are fake. There are a number of spells that are given away so as to enforce the belief in magic. Just about anybody can try them and see the effects of it for themselves. It is quite difficult to find a person who is capable of powerful magic. All living things, especially people, are capable of magic to a certain extent. Each person has something they are good at regardless of whether they are aware of it or not.

Crystal Cleansing: How To Cleanse Crystals And Minerals

crystal cleansing

When you buy or receive new crystals or if your trusted crystals begin to feel less vibrant, they might start to look dull, cloudy or perhaps they just appear lifeless, then you need to cleanse your crystals by using a technique to that you feel comfortable with and your crystals will come to life!

Yoga For Weight Loss


Not very long ago in the Unites States, it seemed the only people who practiced yoga were sun worshipers and flower children. Many Americans didn’t really understand the discipline and associated it with women sitting in the lotus position trying to use it to relax. And most of those people probably questioned whether it was even good for relaxation.

The Change Our Thought Makes

the power of thoughts

You have probably heard “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, and we know this isn’t literal because we all know two is better than one, but hopefully we can see the implied concept that what we have is better than what we don’t.

The Secret To Happiness Is Connection


Why are we living? What have we come here for? Every day we hear questions about the aim and purpose of our lives. And most of us continuously search for answers. How can we find happiness? That is one more question forcing us to search for its answer every day. What if the answer to those questions is straightforward? What if all those questions are just about ONE thing? Relationship. The secret of happiness is elucidated in the clear and inspiring voice of Masami Sato in the following excerpt of her book, ONE.

Simple Ways To Experience An Amazingly Real Lucid Dream!


If you are unfamiliar with the term, a lucid dream is one in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucid, of course denotes consciousness. The extent to which you are lucid within your dream depends on how stable the dream is, how much of the dream you can recall upon waking and how…

Looking At The 7 Chakra


Each human body has a number of energy centers located in its subtle within, which are power centers of energy reception and transmission. These seven wheel like force whorls are known as the 7 chakra coming from the Sanskrit origin of the term ‘Chakram’. It can be said that these 7 chakras are linked to the major nerve ganglia of our spinal cord and reflects not only the physical, but also the emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of an individual.