“Stephen Richards Shows You How To Get What You Want In Life

Self-doubt is one of the main reasons why people fail to manifest what they desire out of life. There is no other way around it than to go forward, you have to face your doubt head on in order to overcome it. Self-belief can be instilled, although it is what we were born with. Over the years self-doubt sets in and then we have fear of failure taking control. So naturally this is the first step in getting what you want, be self-assured, but not pushy. Become too pushy and you will find yourself filling up with over-confidence, and that is as bas as self-doubt. Once you have found the confidence to tackle new things in life then this is the time you should focus in on your desire, ask specifically that this desire be manifested.

When you want something there is a beginning, middle and an end. You firstly decide what it is you want, and then you get it and then finally think about how you will pay for it. The main thing is that you have got it, and once you have it in your possession you will do all you can to keep it. Now go get it!

One important factor in using the power of the mind to succeed is that you do not want any distractions from stopping you progressing. The problem is that we do at times get mind chatter from past, unresolved problems. One thing you should do is to start clearing out these blockages, perhaps you need to forgive people from your past about certain issues. This is one way of liberating yourself from past troubles that are preventing you from going forwards in life. The simple thing to do is to forgive those people, which you can do so inside of your head without actually going up to them and doing it. However, remember that you are not forgiving them so you can release them from what they did to you, you are releasing yourself from what has troubled you over the time. Once you have done that then you are ready to proceed to become a success without all of this mind chatter chasing you around, and it is so much easier.

Don’t you just wonder what the secret of success is and how some people are blessed with it? What if it were just as easy for you to become successful? Well now it is, and here is the secret … focus! Yes, that’s it! A lot of these big business people just look at the big picture of what they want, they don’t hang about procrastinating about what might happen if it fails! And you must do the same, this is how you will have success. Just think, how many times have you thought about doing something different to what you are doing now? But what stopped you? Was it the fear of failure? Do you think successful people go to sleep at night worrying about failure? No they don’t. They go to sleep at night dreaming of even more success. One other thing, be flexible. Adopt the big business methodology of being able to change direction when an obstacle gets in your way. Now that you are a focused and flexible-minded successful thinker, go for it.

Fear can get in your way, and fear of accepting help is a sure way to expedite your downfall. Always accept help without flinching or thinking about what you will have to do to repay it. There’s nothing to fear if you have control over what you are allowing others to do for you, so relax. Never be afraid of failure, as this is something that can be used to show you how to avoid it in future.

Accept the encouragement and support of those around you, and always be thankful of it. There are those with negative minds that may well seek to discourage you, these are not supportive people, avoid them as they are dead weight.

Just a few words here about those that seek to disempower you. Do not allow such talk or dominance to get you upset, just avoid it, move away from these people. Do not allow them to get under your skin or to disrupt your equilibrium. When people infect you with their negativity then this, without you realising it, can set off a chain of events that you might find hard to immediately put a stop to. Just stay resolute in your self-belief, and look at the bigger picture.

When you want a new carpet don’t say to yourself that the carpet you have is a mess. Instead, stay positive in what you want and say you want a new carpet to fit your living room, etc. Keep away from negatives, always speak in the positive. Initially it is a little tricky to do this, but before long you will find yourself correcting people about how they talk. You will think and speak positively with ease, and that way you maintain a positive attitude about you. This is how you lift your vibrational state and shake off the old negative you. See yourself in the future, see the nice new things you will have, see your life changing for the better and stay attuned to that. If you want a new car then don’t complain about the car you already have, see yourself in your mind’s eye in that new car, smell the new upholstery, feel the newness of it.

When you think about what you desire then feel comfortable with getting whatever it is. If it’s a new car you desire then feel you deserve it, think of yourself driving it, and see yourself in it and how your friends admire you for that. Be unselfish with yourself and those around you, give of your time and of yourself whenever you can, as this is the law of tenfold return. Accept praise for what you do for others and see how good it makes you feel to be in demand. Others will see you in a new light and want to have some of that pizzazz you have, set the stakes high and always seek to attain them. When you give to others then do it because it makes you feel good, do not do it begrudgingly or it will only come back at you in a negative way.

Wherever possible, mix with like-minded people. If you all have the same goals for success then this can have a synergistic effect and propel you forward faster than if you tried on your own. If you sense bad vibes in the group then you have to detach from them. It is also important that you get to spend some time on your own, as this is when the creative part of your mind can work at its best in making your dreams come true. Spend time reflecting on what is negative and what is positive in your life, then have a clear out!

Don’t take things too seriously, enjoy what you are doing and make it something you want to do, as opposed to what you have to do. Learn to control yourself, become good at spotting when you are starting to worry unnecessarily and counter it with positive thoughts. Look at your position in life now, then project your thoughts forward to six months ahead and see the difference. Make that happen, condition yourself that it WILL happen.

You never really see successful people looking worried. Their faces are not etched with lines of worry, they are happy, vibrant people. Even in the face of adversity these people still smile and it defies logic, or seems to. Take a leaf out of their book and do the same, it is amazing what a smile can do and it is understood in every single language on Earth. If you go around looking glum then that is your state of vibrancy and people will sense this, so have a high state of vibrancy about you and eventually you will and people want to befriend you, and popularity can improve your luck.

Follow this guidance and you will find that you can achieve almost anything. Make your life different starting from NOW. As procrastination is the biggest downfall of most. Just do it and be a winner, believe you are a winner from this moment onwards.

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