Lucid Dreams – An Awesome Experience!

Dreams that you have where you know they are dreams and control the final outcomes of the dream are called lucid dreams. These are the type of dreams where you pick the subject or the person they are about and make the dream come out the way you want yet you feel like you are fully awake, similar to day dreaming.

Your dreams can be a fantasy, adventure or mystery. Anything you want. There are no limits to what you can experience!

The advantage of lucid dreams over normal dreams is obvious; you control them! They can be so vividly real that you may even have to do checks to be sure that you are really dreaming and not awake.

One way to make sure that you are dreaming is to attempt reading a book or paper. If you are dreaming your words are sure to change and make reading impossible. If you can’t read then it’s a lucid dream.

Someone you want to be with may be impossible in real life, but in a lucid dream, you where anything is possible, you can be sitting and talking with a loved one that has passed or a guy you saw at the subway station.

As soon as you realize you are dreaming start to change it, so that what you want to happen does. For example, imagine you are with the person you have been fantasying about, but now that person returns your smile, you get closer and soon touch. Just use your imagination to control your dream.

Lucid dreams are very much possible. Though the body needs to revive itself for the next day by sleeping and resting, it is possible for your mind to be partly conscious.

It can take awhile to learn the techniques of lucid dreaming if you have never done it, but it can be learned over a period of time with practice.

Trying to remember your dreams and what they were about, who was in them and the outcome is a good way to start. Dream interpreters say to keep a pad and pen by handy so that you waste no time jotting down your images as soon as you remember them or awaken. It is possible the dream will repeat its self and you can finish writing it down. If you document your lucid dreams as you go, you may start to see a pattern develop over a period of time.

Writers will often use this technique to line up their next novel, using some of the scenes and characters from the lucid dream as the basis for the storyline. Lucid dreaming is a good outlet to channel your ambitions to come up with an action plan to make them a reality.

You can sometimes continue the dream where you left off, if you wake up, recall everything you can about your dream, and go back to sleep. Lucid dreams have been found to have a pattern, so chances are you will be able to recall more each time as it reaches a conclusion to your liking.

If you happen to wake up in the wee hours of morning, which is the perfect time to have a lucid dream. It may feel as if you were really awake and thinking but it was in reality lucid dreaming.

Techniques, such as self-hypnosis can sometimes help you to recall vividly your lucid dreams, but many people find recalling lucid dreams easy to do.

Another shortcut worth mentioning is a recent development in sound technology called binaural beats. These special frequencies work by synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain and almost instantly put your brainwaves into the state required for lucid dreaming to be possible.

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