Lucid Dreaming Techniques

We are so happy to dream beautiful things, but unfortunately we are often dream some other thing which we don’t wish to see. To avoid this you should try to practice lucid dreaming techniques. But what is lucid dreaming? The most appropriate definition about lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming. Yes you can be aware of your dream and at the same time you can control and even decide what you should dream. How is it? Feel wonderful? The person in this condition is called a lucid dreamer.

The lucidity has different stages according to its intensity. It has lowest level in which one may aware of dreaming and not so rational to think about actions in the dream are real. In the highest level of lucidity one can feel aware of that he is dreaming and he can gain control over the actions’ takes place in dream .You can control your dream by adopting following steps.

As the first step to practice lucid dreaming you need set up a good mental foundation and a deep awareness about your believes because while you are dreaming you will directly interact with your belief systems. It is very crucial you gain the ability to manage your thoughts. Before you practice to have lucid dreams you should ask some questions to your mind such as are you able to dream? Do you think lucid dreaming is very important and what do you want to visualize in your dream? Apart from asking this question, develop a strong positive belief about all these things. By asking these questions you can develop a kind of positive mental attitude towards lucid dreaming.

The very next step to attain lucid dreaming is when you started dreaming try to memories it every day. You may be the luckiest person that you can recall your dream, if you are not, don’t be discouraged there are a lot of tips that help you to increase your capacity to recall your dreams. First you need to specify that whether you are subconsciously blocking the recall of dreaming because that may afraid you for being dreaming unwanted things. If that makes you reluctant to recall your dreams convince your mind that you want to recall your dream do develop lucidity.

You can follow certain steps to enhance your memorizing skills. Wake up quietly and without opening you eyes try to recollect your past dream. Focus on the last dream and drift your mind to recollect the abstract images of it. Once you caught at something and concentrate on it to gain more about it and explore completely. Do the practice regularly with in short time you will have remarkable change in you memorizing skill.

Set up an alarm clock which schedule to ring at two hours before your usual wake up. While it rings, you will just loose you dream and once stopped in that drowsy mood you can recollect your dream. Once you practice it many times you can recollect and continue the rest.

Keep a dream journal and scribble your recollected memories on it. Do it regularly; you will come to analyze the characters and incidents in your dream. Then you can see most dreams resemble other and you are either hero or character and in your office or at home in dream.

After a short time you visualize these images before you sleep and strongly compel you mind to dream visuals that you wish to see. You will have definite results and you cab decide what you want to dream.

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