The Magic Of Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreaming

Something which may amaze you to learn is that it is possible to be aware that you are dreaming even while in the middle of the experience and even begin to control the course of your dream! Such dreams are called lucid dreams and they allow you to sit in the director’s chair and let you decide what will happen.

Lucid dreaming offers you the opportunity to be in the director’s chair for what is essentially your own movie. Anything you’ve ever wanted to see is possible when lucid dreaming. The only limit is your own creativity.

Unlike regular dreams which follow their own pace and their own internal logic, lucid dreams can be controlled by the dreamer. Your lucid dreams seem incredibly real, no matter how fantastic the events you decide to make a part of them.

One way to tell the difference between a regular dream and a lucid dream is to try picking up a book or newspaper in your dream. If you can read the words there and make sense of them, then this is almost certainly a lucid dream. In most dreams, you’d be unable to read the words on the page; they will either keep changing or be impossible to read at all.

Lucid dreams allow you to make any fantasy come true or live out the experiences you’ve always wanted to have. You can interact with anyone you’ve ever wanted to meet or see anything in the entire universe.

Another thing which differentiates a lucid dream from ordinary ones is that if you want to change the outcome of an event in your dream, all you have to do is to think about it and it will happen! A lot of people find that lucid dreaming is beneficial to them in that they can think through things which have happened in their lives and think about the other ways the situation could have gone. This can help you come to terms with tragedy and misfortune.

Lucid dreaming is something which anyone can learn to do. While your body gets the rest it needs to get through the day, part of your mind can remain conscious and take you through lucid dream experiences.

You’ll need to practice lucid dreaming before you’re able to do it at will. This can take some time, so keep practicing and be patient; these dreams will come to you with time.

One of the best ways to start having lucid dreams is to work on remembering the details of your dreams. Keep a pad of paper and a pen or pencil near your bed so that you can write down everything you remember from your dreams as soon as you wake up. Eventually, you’ll train your mind to recall dreams and to recognize dream states while you sleep. This will allow you to ‘wake up’ within your dream and begin lucid dreaming.

In fact, writers have been known to keep records of their lucid dreams to help them plan out characters and plots for their stories and novels. Lucid dreaming is a good way to exercise your creativity and try some new ideas.

When you get into the habit of remembering your dreams, you’ll be able to return to your dreams when you go back to sleep and start controlling their course.

The best time to have lucid dreams is in the hour or two before you normally wake up. Often you may wake up at this time and go back to bed; while it might feel as if you’ve been lying awake thinking, you are usually lucid dreaming during this time.

To get yourself to the mental state where lucid dreaming is possible, you can use relaxation and meditation techniques along with dream recall. A lot of people find that self hypnosis can help them train their minds for dream recall quickly and efficiently.

One new advance in audio technology can also be of assistance to you in learning to have lucid dreams. Binaural beats are specially recorded frequencies which attune the two hemispheres of your brain to the proper frequency to reach a lucid dreaming state.

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