The Law Of Attraction And Manifesting Abundance To Change Your Life

Many people stumble upon the Law of Attraction because of financial hardships. Most of us intuitively know that there is something deep inside of us that plays a big role in the financial path our lives take. Although it may be hard to accept, no matter what your money situation is, you have manifested it through the Law Of Attraction.

You might find it amusing for anyone to think you would intentionally create a life full of financial struggle, particularly when so many factors like losing a job seem beyond your control. Abundance, however, is just an external manifestation of what’s inside us. This is why so many people fail when they try to manipulate the Law of Attraction to improve their financial situation.

You may wonder why, if the Law of Attraction is truly a Universal Law, it doesn’t work the way you want it to. First of all you must understand the Law is always at work whether you realize it or not and whether you believe it does or not. It is one of the immutable laws of the universe. The problem lies in our understanding and manipulation of the Law.

Although the Law of Attraction has gained a lot of attention in recent years thanks to popular books and movies like The Secret, this pillar of the universe has been known since ancient times and is the basis of a lot of esoteric teachings and the foundation of some belief systems.

So, don’t dismiss the Law of Attraction as some pop culture fad and don’t abandon it if it doesn’t seem to work for you. If it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t yet learned its true essence. Some people even have the experience of it seeming to work in reverse. Instead of an improvement in matters of financial abundance, they spiral even further into financial ruin.

This is an important thing to remember when you’re learning the way the Law of Attraction operates. You can’t just manifest abundance by forcing yourself to focus on it and saying affirmations several times a day.

The Law of Attraction is based upon vibrations and the fact that like vibrations attract. So while you may be diligently saying your affirmations each day, what are you feeling? Do you feel financial desperation? Do you feel hopelessness? If so, you are sending out vibrations of despair and hopelessness tied to money. The Universe receives those vibrations and sends like vibrations back to you that will bring you more situations where you feel desperate and hopeless.

Many people find this to be a Catch-22. To paraphrase Wikipedia, a Catch-22 is a situation where a person needs something but it can only be obtained by not being in need of it. This difficulty might seem impossible to overcome, but if you learn a few techniques you’ll be able to purposefully use the Law of Attraction to your advantage and improve your financial situation.

You must first achieve a heightened awareness of your emotions. These feelings are responsible for sending out vibrations to the universe. Of course, feelings can be a challenge to control, so you can’t expect it to be easy to manipulate the Law of Attraction. The ancient adepts worked hard at it while they were being trained, and you will need to work hard as well.

Understanding that simple fact and being able to act on it gives you an advantage over many others when you’re trying to increase the abundance in your life by manipulating the Law of Attraction. It’s impossible to fool or trick Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction, because your emotions are what emit vibrations, not your conscious thoughts.

This means whenever you’re doing affirmations, you’ll need to keep your emotions under control. Don’t consciously do your affirmations at a time when you’re fearful or depressed about your financial status. If you do, you’ll only be creating vibrations that will ultimately worsen your financial condition.

Instead, work with the Law of Attraction when you’re feeling hopeful. When these positive vibrations are combined with a conscious intent to manifest abundance, it’s inevitable that the power of the universe will bring you positive financial returns.

This Law of the Universe could not have a more appropriate name. You cannot change the Law of Attraction, so you must learn its properties in order to use it skillfully. A force that is always there, you cannot evoke it or turn it on or off at will. Instead, it operates every minute of the day, bringing you events that match the vibrations you emit. These events will be evidenced in your areas of concern, such as your finances.

You can use the Law of Attraction to create abundance in your finances, but you need to do more than simply emit positive vibrations. You also need to keep your negative feelings away. A failure to do this will result in your positive and negative vibrations simply canceling each other out. You can do it, however; just remain positive and grateful for the gifts you already have. You’ll have a powerful tool for manifesting abundance in your financial life if you remain sincerely grateful.

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