What Does Reiki Training Entail?

Reiki is made up of the two words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘Universal’ and ‘Life Force Energy’ respectively and is an ancient Tibetan art of healing. It is a science of palm healing and thus Reiki training is all about learning how to access the infinite energy of the cosmos and channelizing it through your palms on to the body of another for healing purposes.

Reiki Training is the guidance that amateurs in art of palm healing receive by expert Reiki Masters. The power to heal is shifted into the trainee’s palm in a similar manner as the healing technique takes place. Reiki Training cannot and does not take place in schoolrooms or teaching halls but the abilities are transferred through the master’s palms onto the recipients.

Reiki Attunement is the term given to Reiki Training – the process through which one becomes a reiki practitioner. Energy’s are attuned into the student from the Reiki Master. Attunement gives one the power to easily access Universal Life Force Energy and channelize the same through the palms in orer to heal others. It is the core of Reiki Training.

This attunement occurs in 3 slow and steady degrees or levels. During the first level in the Reiki Training, a student is taught the basic hand positions and how to give basic aid and relaxation by using the forces from the cosmos from the face of their palm. Secondly, one gets acquainted with some of the Reiki Symbols. Symbols are object designs representing something in the subconscious of the human mind. These give more power to the palm healing process. This gives them the power to send Reiki through distances and sometimes even through photographs and heal others across time and space.

In the final degree of Reiki training, the recipients are much experienced and gain control over one or more Reiki symbols. Having going through all the three levels, they now become masters themselves with the ability of undertaking Reiki trainings for others not initiated in the art.

Ritualistically, Reiki Training is divided into two segments. The first in which, the student sits in front of the Reiki Master, while the Master procures divine energy through his left palm, gesturing special Reiki symbols on the head of the recipient with his right hand focusing and meditating deeply all this while. This process requires profound concentration.

In the second half of this procedure, The Reiki Master comes to the front of the Student. This time he concentrates over the 3rd eye region and the recipient’s palms drawing symbols over these areas along with stroking, tapping and chanting continuously. Yet again, he draws great powerful and advanced Reiki symbols over the Student’s palms, deeply focusing and meditating all the time.

The Reiki Master then visualizes the ‘Master Violet’ symbol in his left and right palms and transfers it into the recipient’s right and left palms respectively, by stroking and tapping all the while. Then he imagines ‘Master Violet’ in-between both the palms of the Recipient and brings them together by joining them. The Master virtually transfers his power and skill and finally bows down to the Recipient, humbly distinguishing his newly acquired powers. The recipient’s Reiki Training is now complete and he is now a an adept practitioner of Reiki with the power to heal others.

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