Why The Balance Of The Chakra System Is So Important

The chakra system comprises of 108 chakras, out of which seven are main ones which are located from the spine to the crown of the head. These chakras are the energy centers of our body and the chakra system is referred to as the metaphysical source.

These chakras have the power to receive or transmit energy and these are the ones which regulate energy flow in our body. For the purpose of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental well being of our body the chakras are given the responsibility. We have instinctive bodies and many times we may not be even aware of what is experienced by our body.

The function of the seven main chakras is different from each other and each chakra is associated to a different organ of the body. The location of these seven main chakras is along the spinal cord and they extend from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Since the chakra system is responsible for processing all aspects of our being, if these do not function properly and with their blockage or dysfunction disorders in the mind, spirit or body could be created.

These chakras are located in our body not as objects but as specific locations on our body. Our hands are placed on these body locations which communicate with these chakras. There is a color associated with each chakra which is the color from the visible light spectrum.

Chakra which is positioned at the spine base is related with red color and is a symbol of physical vitality, orange color is for sacral chakra and this chakra is a symbol of desire, yellow color is associated with solar plexus chakra and it is a symbol of self projection, green color is linked with heart chakra which symbolizes compassion and empathy, blue color is the color of throat chakra and it symbolizes communication, indigo color is associated with forehead chakra and is a symbol of visualization and the violet color is linked to crown chakra and is a symbol of spiritual perfection.

There is a front and a rear component of each chakra. The front one is generally dominant and rear one is less dominant. When channelisation of energy occurs, the healer of energy is the recipient of energy through his own chakra system. This energy is received from the Earth and surroundings and the energy healer is the conductor. This energy can then be passed on to the patient or the receiver of energy. When you begin this extra energy enters the body first through the 1st and 7th chakra. With more practice the energy enters equally.

This energy also gets into the body as a flow which is an upward flow, and this begins from the lower energy centers to higher energy centers. The chakras which are simpler functioning are the lower chakras but with rise there is a greater degree of chakras which are more spiritual functioning. In the filed of energy the seven chakras are of great consequence to the energy healer.

A well balanced chakra system is a precondition for overall fitness and harmony of the field of energy. Your entire system of chakras attains a balance once you charge it. The chakras need to be adequately charged with pure functioning of energy in accordance with its own true color nature. It is at this time that the level of activity can be raised or lowered with the help of adding lower or higher colors.

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