Protect Your Skin From Aging With This Fantastic Essential Oil Formula

We all want to protect our skin from aging, and would love to be using the best products for this purpose. You can easily mix up some one of the world’s finest anti-aging skin care blends at home, for a fraction of the cost of the high end products. Because you’re not paying for advertising and shelf space in a high end store, you can use the finest ingredients every step of the way, while directly targeting the causes of premature skin aging.

Our skin has to defend itself on a daily basis from an onslaught of aging factors. From the outside, these include overexposure to sunlight and pollutants in the air. From the inside, processed foods, and especially sugars, are aging our skin more quickly. All these factors result in either one or both of these processes: the creation of oxidative radicals and chronic inflammation on a cellular level. Both these processes result in the slow, steady degradation of our skin cells.

Oxidative radicals are being formed and quenched in our bodies all the time. It happens from exposure to sunlight (though a reasonable amount of exposure to the Sun is very healthy and important), it happens from your cells producing the energy they need — all sorts of things. To prevent these “free radicals” from tearing apart our cells on a molecular level, applying extra antioxidants in the form of essential oils can be very effective. So effective in fact that essential oils have been researched to prevent radiation damage to the skin for cosmonauts!

The latest research is now pointing to inflammation, rather than oxidation, as being the greatest factor contributing to aging. While a little temporary inflammation is actually healing, chronic inflammation is not. Inflammation wreaks havoc on the internal structure and activity of our skin cells and, like oxidation, leads to permanent damage. Yet again, essential oils to the rescue! Several oils are used primarily for their ability to halt inflammatory processes in the skin. The two most popular for this application are German chamomile and blue tansy. It is the blue pigmented molecules in both of these that imparts their cooling, anti-inflammatory activity. Several other oils have similar properties, and in our blend we’ll use these in addition to German chamomile.

And it’s not just the essential oils with the therapeutic action in our formula. The carrier oils have diverse, potent effects as well. The essential fats in some oils are known inflammation reducers. Others have notable high quantities of antioxidant vitamins. There’s also an array of unique natural constituents just being recognized for their wonderful anti-aging skin care actions.

Now that we’ve got a little background, how do we go about creating our blends? First, gather all your tools and containers. The blends are best mixed and stored in cobalt blue or amber glass bottles, and if the bottles have a dropper top or pump top, it’ll make it easier to dispense the blend when your done. Also, you’ll want to know the volume of your bottle(s) in ounces, as you’ll use them for measuring.

The recipe will be for one single fluid ounce of final blend — if you’d like to make more, simply multiply the number of drops of essential oil by the number of ounces you’ll be making. Blending itself is easy: just fill your bottles up with the indicated amount of carrier oils, filling them about nine-tenths of the way full. Then measure the essential oils in by counting the drops.

We’ll use three types of carrier oil for the base. Each of these oils has unique therapeutic qualities, that when used together create and incredibly beneficial synergy for the skin. So fill your bottle one third of the way with each of these: virgin coconut, evening primrose and argan nut oils. If any of these oils is difficult to find, you can leave one out if need be — or you can substitute another high omega-3 oil for the evening primrose (like hemp, borage or flax) and either rosehip seed or tamanu nut for the argan.

Then add the following essential oils: Seven drops each of lavender, myrrh, German chamomile and twenty-four drops of sea buckthorn (be sure to find the essential oil or “CO2″, not the cold-pressed oil). Gently mix the oils so that the color appears uniform (it’s better not to shake or mix vigorously, as the oils don’t do so well being oxygenated this way). And there you have it — what seems like a simple blend is actually a truly fine, therapeutic quality creation. Use it regularly and you’ll probably notice a healthy difference in your skin fairly quickly, and with long term use, you’ll be doing your skin a wonderful favor by protecting it from the most troublesome factors of aging.

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