The Change Our Thought Makes

the power of thoughts

You have probably heard the quote, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, and we know this isn’t literal because we all know two is better than one, but hopefully we can see the implied concept that what we have is better than what we don’t.

With thought however; you most certainly do what you think the most about. How does this work? If you worry about having enough money all the time, chances are you won’t have enough money.

If we give too much thought about how hard it is to refrain from being agitated by someone in our lives who is a pest, then chances are we are going to be annoyed even more with normal actions by this person.

we also need to take care when thinking positively as well. If we over inflate the realism of good things then we can be putting ourselves in a position for a lot of disappointment when reality proves differently.

Thinking Properly:

What I am trying to shine a little light on here is that people often get lost in thought, thinking about trivial interests be they positive or negative, either of which are not going to bring about any lasting benefits.

Taking a moment to focus our thought correctly can take a bit of willpower and requires us to really meditate deeply about the true root to as why we would waist valuable brain power on being agitated by others or similar unproductive thoughts.

A brief illustration:

Our work is important to us, the better we do the more money we make and that can be an urgent thing if we are having problems paying all of our bills. The truth for a lot of us is that this is not the case because as we acquire more income we also acquire more expenses.

A person will think that now they got a promotion that they can buy that great new 3D TV or something of the like, and be able to do so on payments, but fail to consider when unexpected expenses may arise. Worse than that, the item they are still paying for may become outdated or lose its attraction to them before it is even paid for.

The bottom line:

Everyone needs something, but it is always unique to them. There is no one size fits all and it rests in the hands of each individual to strive for what they need. Unfortunately a large majority of us don’t know what we need.

To really get to the core of what will cause the most beneficial change in our lives we need to reflect on what we truly yearn for. We need to go beyond frivolous desires and really unearth what motivates us.

Just put some time aside side so you can clear your mind in a peaceful setting and start allowing yourself to focus on a simple phrase: what do I want? If you can do this a few times a week and be consistent with the question, the answer that surface will most likely take you by surprise as not being frivolous at all.

If you have a hard time doing this you may want to consider learning how to meditate. It is a very effective tool for use here and will sever you in realizing how to acquire that true desire while making others around you a little happier too!

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