How Can Acai Berry Assist You To Shed Weight?

Found primarily in the Brazilian rainforest, acai berry has been utilized for hundreds of years by locals for its legendary healing properties. However it wasn’t until Dr. Nicolas Perricone appeared in the Oprah show that the world outside Brazil truly took note of acai berry as a solution for weight loss.

After that, acai berry has been featured on ABC and CBS, and has been commercialised in a variety of different ways. Juices, purees, freeze dried, supplements… the acai berry has become the #1 Superfood.

Why has it taken until now to find it?

The problem lies in its cultivation. Within a day of harvesting, the acai berries begin to shed their potency taking with them their high concentrations of antioxidants, proteins, omega fatty acids, fibers and vitamins.

It is only via modern tools and a technique called flash freezing that this nutrient dense fruit has been made accessible to the rest of the world.

Just what exactly does the acai berry do?

Research into this exotic fruit has only been minimal to date – due to its harvesting complications – however studies performed by the University of Florida and Science Daily have offered some promising results. Via these initial studies, scientists have discovered that the acai berry can have a positive effect on:

* Cardiovascular disease

* Anti-aging

* Cancer

* Immunity

* Weight loss

Cardiovascular disease

Enriched in antioxidants, acai berry contains 10-30 times more phytonutrients and anthocyanins than grapes, allowing you to enhance your heart and your cholesterol level.

By freeing one’s body from free radicals – which are known to destroy and damage cells – these antioxidants can protect the body from each and every day damage, and also prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart illness, cancers and diabetes.

Fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are an essential part of ensuring the functionality of your body. Fortunately the acai berry has omega-3 and omega 6 in abundance.

Through these 2 essential fatty acids you can decrease your bad cholesterol levels (LDL) whilst at the same time improve your good cholesterol levels (HDL). Plus as these acids pass via your digestive tract they are able to help pick up any toxins/excess foods which are accumulating and excrete them from your body.

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