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Seven Chakras

It is surprising enough that every new dimension of human existence reveals a new secret and arouses newer aspects related to the successful existence of the human race. One such highly mysterious and quite unknown aspect that helps govern the human body and the human mind is the network of the seven chakras that are held in the human body as 7 circles of energy.

Apart from the physical energy that we get from substances that we consume as a part of our routine diet, the human body also requires a good amount of cosmic energy that is a result of the energy exchange between the seven chakra network in our body and the heavenly bodies above us.

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Often unexplained but these seven chakras have an impact on the way we feel, we behave and ultimately the way we live our lives. It is believed that negative thoughts and pessimistic view fills in these chakras a lot of negative energy which makes you feel restless and uncomfortable in unknown situations while positive thoughts and optimistic views help in maintaining positive energy and hence help a person to perform better even under unknown circumstances.

Every single chakra has its role to play in the process of controlling and governing the functions of a particular part of the body but each of these chakras reflect variations in the effect they have on the organs.

The seven chakras that have a huge impact on our existence and on our actions can be further explained in details as follows.

The first chakra that lies towards the end of the spine is known as the root chakra, its impact is clearly visible on the character of the person, while the chakra has positive energy it develops the characteristics of strong will and determination. This chakra helps to control the organs in the lower abdomen, especially the intestine and other organs.

Above the root chakra is the genital chakra, it assists the human attempts to avoid greed, lust and other things that are referred as worldly pleasures as well as helps you to get out of narrow mindedness. If the chakra is inclined towards the wrong end then cruelty and ignorance are features that develop.

The third chakra is the Umbilical chakra, it helps a person to remain calm and stable mentally as well as helps bring out apt responsiveness to any kind of a situation that he/she faces. In case of this chakra imposing negativity the persons behaviour is not stable as he develops feelings of embarrassment and other unstable actions come along. The organs that this chakra regulates include the stomach and other organs which help in digestion.

The heart chakra deals with the emotions dealing with the heart, on the positive end it evokes love and compassion while on the negative side a person becomes arrogant and hypocrite. This circle of energy is related to the cardiovascular system of the human body.

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, it has an impact on the functions of the vocal chords we possess. It is also said to have an impact on the language we speak, a negative throat chakra could mean the use of a lot of foul language. The chakra controls important organs like the mouth, neck and lungs.

The third eye chakra is the sixth chakra and it helps to pass judgements and perceive things. Positive energy here enhances vision, hearing and smelling powers.

The seventh and the final chakra is crown chakra which promotes the thirst for enlightenment.

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