Strengthening Kidney Function With Alternative Healing

Qigong has been in place for thousands of years, originating in China and coming to the rest of the world over time – as western cultures developed an affinity for eastern medicine and alternative healing over the years.

To understand how this exercise relates to kidney health you have to know and understand the concept of “Qi” (pronounce “chee”). Qi is the vital energy that makes up what we are in our everyday existence. It is not only our primordial energy or the essence of ourselves but it includes the ways in which we receive energy such as food, air and water.

“Gong” refers to the achievements or goals that we reach and the results. Combined, Qigong refers to the gain from the development of the energy within us. When we work toward achieving a very natural balance in our lives then we’re clearly mastering those things that (postures and poses as well as breathing) that make up Qigong.

These poses and postures focus on strengthening the bones and muscles of the body while working toward cleansing and strengthening the internal organs – like the kidneys. Over many years, Qigong has been proven to calm the nervous system and allow the individual to clear their mind, improving the ability to focus.

So how does this method of alternative healing relate to the health of your kidneys? In traditional Chinese medicine, our kidneys place an import role in the essence of our Qi (the vital energy within us) as well as its development. These exercises work to promote the growth of that energy.

Qigong has been applied in a variety of weight loss programs thanks to the effectiveness for which is spikes metabolism. Another added benefit is its ability to reduce blood pressure even in overweight individuals.

One of the ways in which strength and healing are inspired through this alternate method is by increasing the red and white cell counts within the blood through posturing and focal poses. These poses generate over a million red blood cells per cubic centimeter over the course of an hour and can significantly increase oxygenation to the tissues and organs throughout the body.

With health care costs on the rise for many Americans, it can be helpful to keep an open mind and turn to alternative healing methods such as Qigong for cost effective methods to restore your health at home.

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