The Benefits For Adapting To A Raw Food Diet

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If you follow a diet that consists mainly of food from plants which has not been cooked then you could be said to be following a raw food diet. It is said to be very good for you as plants contain enzymes which help digestion and absorption of food. These enzymes are destroyed during cooking. Some people think that cooking food destroys the life force of food.

At first glance this might seem like a very difficult diet to follow. It does take a little work to think about ways to make the food more interesting, but there is actually quite a wide variety of foods to choose from. Foods that can be eaten include all kinds of vegetable and fruits as well as pulses, grains, seeds, seaweed and nuts. Seventy five percent of the food eaten must be raw in this diet.

This kind of diet is much healthier than a conventional diet. Followers have found that they have more energy, have lost weight, and have better digestion and clearer skin. It can also help to prevent heart disease.

This is because this diet does not contain many trans fats. These are the fats which are manufactured to keep them from going rancid, and which are thought to carry a risk of increased heart disease and some kinds of cancers. The lack of animal fats in this diet means that it is low in fats which are saturated and which might cause higher cholesterol levels.

Raw food contains high levels of beneficial potassium, but low levels of sodium. Raw plants contain high levels of phytochemicals which are a health giving chemical that would otherwise be destroyed by cooking. Raw foods are naturally higher in fibre so there will be a lower risk of certain cancers such as colon cancer.

Juicing lots of fruits and vegetables, and then experimenting by mixing the juices can help to keep this diet more interesting so a good juicer is an essential piece of equipment. Sprouting seeds and adding them to dishes adds variety as does soaking dried nuts and fruits. A dehydrator can be used to make your own dried fruit.

When this diet is first followed then some symptoms of detoxification may be experienced if your diet was previously high in salt, sugar and caffeine. These symptoms should clear after a few days. This raw food diet is not suitable for everyone as it should not be followed by anyone who suffers from osteoporosis as it is very low in calcium. It is also not suitable for children or pregnant women.

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