Anxiety Disorder – Children Affected May Be Misunderstood

Anxiety Disorders – How They Affect Children

A lot of children go thorough stress as a normal part of growing up. They might be nervous about taking a test or commencing a new school. Children don’t normally develop nervousness disorders or irrational fears because of this. However panic disorders can begin I children for other reasons.

It’s not possible to safeguard children from everything. Children can develop the same nervousness disorders present in adults. A generalized panic disorder might be seen in children in loads of different ways. They might excessively worry about normal events like school or things at home. They could be overly motivated about getting everything right. The child might do the same thing over and over again trying to get it perfect. They might also seek persistent approval and reassurance from others.

Children might also display a disorder called OCD or Obsessive- compulsive disorder. OCD is intrusive or unwanted thoughts or obsessions that can’t seem to be cleaned from a person’s head. OCD can also be seen in the repetition of rituals and routines that someone does to try and ease they nervousness. Children as young as 2 and 3 have been diagnosed though the typical age for children to suffer CD is 10. You have any number of signs for OCD like repeating the same task over and over again in an agitated manner, continually counting the same items and terror over possible mistakes they make.

Panic disorders are something different. Children can be diagnosed with panic attacks after suffering from a minimum of two panic attacks. This is more often during adolescence.

Anxiety Disorder - Children

Irrational fear of certain places, objects or situations can be a sign of children suffering stress disorders. Although childhood fears like being fearful of animals, storms or the dark can go away on their own, if a fear is persistent within the child for at least six months and interferes with their everyday activities, the child is said to have a phobia. Symptoms can include suffering from a stomach ache or headache, a tantrum, becoming clingy, or freezing in place when confronted with the fear.

Traumatic events like losing a parent or physical assault may cause these types of problems. These children might display symptoms of not eating or sleeping, emotional numbing, reliving the event through bad nightmares or through playing, or fear that the event might happen again.

Even thought children can be afflicted by these disorders they can manifest themselves differently. For one, children do not have an understanding that their fears are irrational plus, they might not be able to verbalize their feelings either. Children suffering from nervousness disorders who are suspected of having any anxiety disorder should be referred to their regular pediatrician.

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