5 Methods For A Home Acne Cure Treatment

Acne Treatment For Home Use

Acne is one of those conditions that is especially vexing to its victims because it can be triggered by many things and make an appearance at the most inopportune times. The solutions for acne are many and can range from drugstore creams to professional services administered at the dermatologist’s office. You might not be aware, though, that easy and effective solutions can be found in your own home and they barely cost anything. Try an acne cure treatment from the list below and you might be surprised at how simple it can be.

1. Always cleanse before bed.

This seems like it ought not to be even mentioned, but being neglectful about cleansing your face is quite common. After a long evening out you might just tell yourself that you don’t need to wash your face that particular night, but remember that make-up is a barrier placed on the skin. Even when you’re dead tired, make sure to wash your face and all the cosmetics and grime that can potentially trigger a breakout.

2. Pop the pimple when it’s asking for it.

There is an exception to the rule of popping a blemish, but only applies when it’s formed a very visible white head. If none is present, hands off! But otherwise, it is OK to sterilize a needle and puncture the head in order to drain the pus and release pressure. Put on an anti-bacterial ointment on afterwards and it ought to dry up and heal faster than if you had simply let it be.

3. Salt water toner.

You might have noticed that after an afternoon swimming at the beach, your skin seems to clear up over the next few days. This makes perfect sense because the antibacterial properties of the salt in the sea water helps to disinfect your pores. You can make a salt water tonic at home and use it as a treatment on your skin. Just apply with a cotton ball nightly before bed.

4. Aspirin mask.

This can work both internally as a pill, by reducing inflammation in the body, and also when applied on the surface of the skin because of its beta hydroxy acids. You can buy aspirin in powder form at your drugstore. Add a little water to make a paste and apply to your face as a mask once or twice a week.

5. Ice.

Yep, plain old frozen water from your own freezer. This is recommended when you feel that unmistakable ache on your face where a pimple is about to sprout. Place come ice in a plastic bag (or even use a bag of frozen vegetables) and apply to the sore spot. If you do this regularly throughout the day, you will shrink down swelling and redness. If the icing doesn’t keep the pimple for blooming, it will at the very least reduce its severity.

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