Crystal Cleansing: How To Cleanse Crystals And Minerals

Crystal Cleansing -When you buy or receive new crystals or if your trusted crystals begin to feel less vibrant, they might start to look dull, cloudy or perhaps they just appear lifeless, then you need to cleanse your crystals by using a technique to that you feel comfortable with and your crystals will come to life!

How To Cleanse Crystals

crystal cleansing

Full Moon Bath: Putting your crystals out under moonlight is a gentle and powerful way to cleanse and recharge your crystals. The full moons’ light is the brightest and works to give a greater charge to your crystals. While cleansing your crystals under the Moon and Stars placing them on the earth will give them an additional charge.

Intent: Using the power of intent or creative visualization and seeing white light acting as a crystal cleansing agent such as a waterfall or column of light and all energies that are not of the crystal are released into the light. As you do this the crystal is being charged up under the white light. You will get a sense of when the crystal is clear.

Fresh Water: Placing your crystals under flowing water will release any negative energies. Fresh water is ideal. Some like crystal cleansing in the ocean, just remember the ocean is powerful and crystals can be swept up in waves and vanish. Sea salt can dissolve the crystals surface so you will need to wash them in fresh water to remove it.

Bed of Rice: Rice absorbs and transmutes negative energy and so placing your crystals on a bed of brown rice sees them constantly cleansed. For those whose crystals are out in public, this is a great crystal cleansing technique to use if your crystals will being touched by others.

Grandfather Sage: Burning Sage to smudge over your crystals and space allows the smoke pull any negativity into it and transform it… as you cleanse your crystals you are cleansing yourself too!

Looking to find more alternative ways to cleansing crystals to find multiple techniques to recharge and cleanse your crystals.
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