Healing Crystals: Crystals To Use During Pregnancy

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Healing Crystals For Mum To Be

Pregnancy is a gift a time to deeply connect with your own body, where your senses and intuition are heightened effortlessly. Experiences of sheer joy, increased perception and clarity become normal. Being focused into your body as you start out creating new life you begin to relate to it in a new way, fears can arise, emotions run out of control and come from nowhere, our bodies stretch and transform dramatically and hormones fill you turning your mind to jelly. You are key witness to magic, when 1 becomes 2, where transformation and metamorphosis fill every moment.

The healing crystals for pregnancy listed here are to help support your journey from preconception beyond the birth. These crystals were my constant companions, however you are incredibly connected with your bodies needs and know exactly what is best for you at that this time and your choice will always be right for you.


Healing Crystals For Pregnancy


Moonstone is the premier stone for supporting you through pregnancy. For those who like simplicity, choose a Moonstone. Moonstone represents the Divine Feminine, working with the moon and its cycles, balances your energy from fertility, to readying the womb for conception, for ease in pregnancy and childbirth, Moonstone also reduces fluid retention which can appear towards the end of your pregnancy. Balancing your hormones, your emotions and releasing feelings of vulnerability that can arise makes moonstone a wonderful ally.

Rose Quartz is the ‘unconditional love’ hug of the universe. Wrapping yourself and baby in its warm, soothing energy provides emotional balance, security and peace. It allows us to truly embrace the magic, connecting deeply with ourselves, baby and the entire universe.

To support the health of the baby and for a healthy pregnancy for mum, use Unakite.

For those who need to keep some semblance of mental stature and memory stones like Pyrite, Fluorite (yellow), Howlite, Rhodonite and Black Tourmaline work well.

For more information on crystals. And to find 20 additional pregnancy healing crystals visit That Crystal Site.

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