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Diabetes, a polygenic disease, is a very common and incurable disease suffered by millions of people world-wide each year. The characteristic of diabetes is abnormal high glucose levels in the blood which prevents the glucose to reach the necessary body cells where it needs to provide energy source for the body. Suffering from diabetes means that the body’s glucose sugar is wasted instead of being turned into insulin.

An estimated 21 million people in the United States have diabetes. What is even more alarming is the very fast rate at which the number of sufferers of diabetes increases every year. Statistics show that in the past ten years, rates of diabetes have increased by more than seventy percent, a staggering number by any standard. At present, diabetes has become the sixth leading causes of death in the country.

There are two forms of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is characterized by insulin deficiency that starts from birth. Insulin is a substance that enables glucose to get to the cells of the body. People with Type 1 diabetes need regular injections of insulin for as long as they live. Type 2 diabetics acquire the condition from being overweight, lack of exercise, having a wrong diet, and other related risk factors. Sufferers can control or manage the disease by modifying their diet, exercising, and taking certain precautions. Both types of diabetes are incurable. They can only be managed.

Prescription diabetic drugs as well as natural and herbal treatments that are safer and effective are now being discovered and used effectively in treating diabetes. Improvements have also been made with blood sugar level monitoring with better blood sugar monitor meters; in addition, better pharmaceuticals and as well as better formulated herbal diabetic remedies are being used with great success in managing diabetes – and these a just some of the reasons this disease is not as deadly as it once was.

Diabetic herbal remedies work by helping to control blood glucose levels. A good example is the herb aloe vera, which is believed to lower blood sugar levels. Ginseng is another herb that enhances blood sugar control. Other herbal diabetic remedies and plant products that produce a similar effect are bitter gourd (karela), gymnema, fenugreek, cayenne, dandelion, kidney beans, cinnamon and grapefruits. Additional herbal plants and products include: garlic, neem seeds, pumpkin, cherries, coconut oil, buckwheat, chia seeds, turmeric powders, wild jeerakam cumin seeds, and green tea.

Some of these may be eaten raw, while others are used as ingredients in tea or liquid concoctions. For example, it is recommended that the diabetic take half a teaspoon of cinnamon each day, or soak cinnamon sticks in regular tea. Grapefruits can be eaten every day. Meanwhile, fenugreek seeds (about 30 grams) may be soaked in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, the water may be drunk before breakfast. Alternatively, two teaspoons of powdered fenugreek seeds may be put in a glass of water or milk, or added in food when cooking.

Zinc, as well as magnesium is known for their power to regulate blood sugar levels, and these are minerals we needed in the body to help for the production and storage of insulin. This is the reason why foods that contains zinc and magnesium are good for the body, because of the roles these minerals play in regulating blood sugar.

In general, diabetics should be very careful about what they eat. Sweet, sugar-rich foods, including white flour-based foods, are definitely to be avoided. Instead, diabetics should eat low-fat, high-fiber options, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Diabetes is a serious condition; hence professional medical advice should not be neglected in favor of herbal diabetic remedies. The doctor will provide specific guidelines and precautions relating to how work, activity, exercise, diet, and stress can affect a diabetic, and what can be done to stay as healthy as possible even with the presence of the disease.

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