Realize The Power Of Raw Food – Improve Your Well Being

Vibrant Home Health With Raw Foods

The debate and interest in raw food is growing. Many people are giving in to the idea that raw is better. Others are bent on sticking to their oily and meaty diets. Others still preach balance between choices. What is the definitive position on this matter?

A very simple but telling description of this type of food is that it is healthy. Uncooked food is rich in enzymes and chemicals that have not been affected by heat. These types of foods have not been changed in any way and is as close to the original form as possible. These foods are rich in nutrients. Most advocates of uncooked food are of the opinion that certain temperatures would result in the destruction of these food elements when they are cooked, thus, diminishing the nutritional value of the food.

There are many advantages for opting for this kind of diet. The most obvious are the health benefits. Most adherents of this practice rely on plant food sources, there is an increase in their water uptake, and therefore their bodies are cleansed thoroughly. This results in fewer complaints in terms of ailments that people get from time to time. Secondly, the limited or no preparation means that the risk of metal contamination through the heating of metal cooking utensils is greatly reduced.
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Some meats such as fish, eggs and fermented meat can be eaten raw or can undergo natural processes such as smoking. Meats that have undergone little or no processing are packed with nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids which are responsible for overall cardiovascular health.Dairy products include non pasteurized and non homogenized yoghurt, cheese, and milk; they contain calcium which leads to a strong teeth and bones.

Natural Benefits Of Raw Foods

The benefits of uncooked food are numerous. An uncooked food diet could help one lose weight and keep it off as it is low in calories and artificial poly saturated fats and oils. A constant diet of fresh fruits and vegetables could help clear one’s skin and keep certain skin ailments at bay, leading to health and glowing skin

Fatigue can also result when some food sources are neglected. Second, the way the dish is made is important. Some substances when raw, contain toxins and require cooking, or heat to remove the poisonous substances like bacteria. Moreover, some vitamins like b12 cannot be found in plants.

There are many people all over the world who have a diet based on uncooked food. The people of Thailand for example have a rich source of fruits and vegetation due to their habitat and this translates to their diet. In Japan, it is a given that almost every meal will be healthy, and this is due in part to their reliance on seaweed, raw fish, and other plants.

In conclusion, it really is a matter of balance. The merits of eating organic, unprocessed foods are obvious; however we cannot ignore the potential dangers of relying solely on raw food.

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