How To Eat Healthily And Boost Your Energy Levels

When you mention energy foods, most people will think about something that’s high in sugar or caffeine, or maybe one the many energy stimulant drinks you can buy in every grocery store. If you’re concerned about your well being at all, you’ll be pleased to know that there are much healthier ways to get an energy kick, namely by eating natural, organic raw foods.

The thing with so called ‘energy drinks’ and foods high in sugar is that whilst you may experience an initial high, this is usually followed by a massive ‘crash’ as you blood sugar tries to return to a more stable level. These ups and downs can also have a long term effect on your health, causing damage to the adrenal glands and increasing the likelihood of diseases like diabetes and even depression.

So, I hear you asking, how do I get my energy fix if I can’t have a coffee or sugary treat to pick me up. Well, the secret here is not about substitution an unhealthy food choice for a healthy one, it’s about eating a well balanced diet all the time. Only then will you truly benefit from any of these tips.

The key to getting the maximum life-force from your diet is to eat as many raw and living foods as possible. The principle is simple. How much energy does it take to digest a well cooked steak in comparison to a healthy green salad. Eating mainly raw plant based foods will free up your body from many of it’s digestive duties , and hence provide you with extra vitality and vigor.

To help you get started on your raw food journey, here are some suggestions of totally natural raw foods that contain amazing life giving properties and will definitely give you a spring in your step.

If you’ve ever dabbled in health foods, you’ve probably come across wheatgrass. It is normally juiced and drank as a shot. You can also get it in supplement form if you find it hard to grow. Wheat grass is very dense in nutrients, containing up to 10 times the amounts of nutrients than traditional leafy green vegetables.

Raw chocolate is the ultimate natural high for raw foodies. It is also known as cacao and is the actually fruit (or nut) of the tree that chocolate is derived from. Unlike it’s sweet cousin, raw chocolate is bitter in taste, but contains an amazing array of minerals and disease busting antioxidants.

For a alternative energy boosting treat try Goji Berries. These are a small red fruit grown near the hills of the Himalayas. They contain over 20 different anti-oxidants and minerals.

Forget about nasty energy drinks or candy bars. If you want a healthy way to give yourself an energy boost, try out the raw food diet.

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