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Each day we all do certain things habitually. The repeated actions eventually create who we are, what our day is like, how much we earn, and virtually every other aspect of our lives. Some of these habits are physical, some are mental, and some are emotional. As humans, our habits vary greatly but we all have them.

First, we each have physical habits we do every single day … brushing our teeth, taking a shower, eating, or exercising. It is easy to see how the habits we choose for our physical activities greatly impact our life. What difference would there be between the 2 individuals below?

Individual 1 – Showers regularly, brushes teeth regularly, eats healthy foods daily, committed to an exercise routine.

Person 2 — Brushes teeth and bathes once weekly, eats fattening and greasy food, has no exercise program in place.

You’re probably thinking, “Obviously their entire lives would look different. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to stand near Individual 2.” We made the two examples polar opposites to demonstrate a point. However, it is important that you also realize that even small differences in physical habits compound over the years to create dramatically different outcomes.

Next, we have habits that we engage in daily that are considered mental habits. Some of these are obvious as well; for example reading a newspaper, blog or website, staying in touch with friends and family via social media, balancing a checkbook, and having thought provoking conversations. These habits are also important to the outcome of your life. Here’s where it gets interesting. There are other mental habits that are not so obvious to most people.

Can you think of any?

We will dive into that in just a moment but right now we want to bring something your attention. With regards to your physical conditions it is obvious to assume that if you are not active in progressing then your are actually digressing. If you are not on top of your hygiene then that starts to go in the opposite direction. The same rules that apply to your physical habits also applies to your mental habits, there is no lukewarm.

With an increasing number of possible mental habits each one of us has there are a number we want to discuss. For there is one that especially stands out and counts as our number one, most important mental habit.

Inspired – A Daily State of Mind

For sustainable growth through an extended period time, inspired is where you need to live. This is also in the upper most parts of your mental activity as it is anyway so it really is a great place to be. Getting into this state of mind however it may happen is probably the quickest way to get to that upper level. Just think if we could LIVE in that space we wouldn’t want it just for an instant but an ongoing repeated presence throughout the day!

With daily inspiration we get at least one instance of expansion, growth and empowerment each day in our lives. When we engage this way, we are in harmony with life itself because life favors fuller, expanded expression. Everything that lives has to grow in order to be alive at all. Ask yourself right now, “What am I doing to live more physically, mentally and spiritually, right now?”

Without taking up much effort or time for that matter, you can engage in simple daily activities that put you in a state of inspiration and that will have an exponential effect on your life.

1. Inspirational Messages on a DAILY basis:

Inspirational quotes

This one is simple because provides this service in convenient e-mail format. What is most important though is to recognize the powerful tool a simple quote can be for your life AND how to best utilize it to achieve your dreams.

What if you had someone like Emerson, Confucius or Thoreau giving you a line of wisdom every morning before you start your day? They have been gone for quite some time now but this can be a reality for you! You could also have Wayne Dyer or Tony Robbins in your ear too. Unfortunately getting someone like Steve Jobs to send you an email in the morning would put you in a very small group of people.

To make this practical for them and for the countless people that can benefit from having a inspirational message on a daily basis there is a medium that can make this happen, your email. This does two great things for you; one it allows you time to read, reread and understand what this great mind is sharing with you and two, it gives you an opportunity to go back and pull more out later as you apply it to your life.

In what way is this relevant to your life right now?

In what ways could you apply this in your life?

Is there an opportunity for you to take advantage of this principle today?

It has been proven that simply reading something does not mean we grasp it. For most people we need to engage three senses before we can remember something for a longer period of time. We suggest read, share and consume these daily inspirational messages. Being inspired requires some sort of reflection in your activity. Some people read a quote and immediately forward the email to a friend and others clear their desk and dive into that task they have been postponing and still others write an email to a loved one. How you apply this varies but the application is the true gift of daily inspiration.

Inspirational quotes

Consumption, application and response are what define exactly how an inspirational quote of the day will benefit you.

2. Any medium that you choose has an inspirational section

Get involved with some sort of material that can keep you engaged in inspiration. It may only be a short period everyday but make it so it is everyday. It is not the size of step you take that get you to who you want to be but the direction in which you take them. Get involved with something everyday.

For us we like to keep it fresh with whatever it is we are studying. Our interests tend to be in the realm of business, finance, investment and obviously self development. Rest assured that we are reading something from one of these at any given time. This does not mean that you should be reading these topics too we are however suggesting you stay in the educational realm as opposed to the fiction/drama realm of different types of medium.

Studying material as opposed to just reading it makes a HUGE difference in our lives. We have made a practice of taking time to share the concepts we just picked up that day or the day before from reading. We engage and implement these ideas as quickly as possible. What you want to know about yourself is simple. Are ready to become who you dream of being for the small price tag of a half hour a day of actually studying this type of material?

The most important reason you want to add an inspirational quote of the day to your life is simple, it effects everything you do. There are goals and visions we all have for our lives but it is not in the big leaps we take but the direction of the things we do day in and day out that get us to where we want to be. Be inspired everyday.

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