Want The Best Foot Pain Relief?

The feet, like every aspect of the human body an amazing invention but there comes a time when we need foot pain relief. Fortunately, there are some simple steps we can implement to stop the foot pain and prevent it becoming anything more troublesome. If you have circulation problems like diabetes, then you require extra care and should seek medical advice before attempting any of these suggestions.

A very easy thing for foot pain relief is elevating the feet. If you do a lot of regular standing, make sure you implement some rest time to ease the weight off your feet. When you are resting, elevate the feet at 45 degrees to the body and use that as your position of rest. In this position blood will circulate better and any swelling will reside.

A great relaxing thing to do for the feet is to give them a soak. Just put about 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts into a small tub of water that is warm. Place your feet in the foot bath for approximately 15 minutes. The Epsom salts with help with sore muscles and is great at foot pain relief.

A very easy remedy for foot pain relief is hot and cold therapy. This can be done by sitting on the edge of the bath, so you can run water onto your feet. Alternate hot and cold water on the feet for 1 minute at a time. Make sure you use a comfortable temperature. End with using cold water.

As far as pleasure goes and foot pain relief, nothing beats a foot massage. Get your partner to massage your feet with massage oil, baby oil, or moisturizing lotion. Prevent any slips by putting on socks before you stand up. You can even massage your own feet. Use oil and a medium-light pressure with your thumbs and fingers. Start at the ball of the foot and work down the foot making small circles with the thumbs. Then make long, deep strokes along the arch of the foot, from the bottom to the toes. Pay attention to the toes by gently squeezing, rotating and pulling each toe.

Ice is excellent for helping with foot pain relief. Prevent ice burn by placing a towel or cloth between your skin and the ice. Apply for ten minutes, then have a rest for ten minutes and repeat two more times. This will revitalize the feet and help with any swelling.

Just like all muscles in the body which function better when stronger and more flexible the foot muscles are no different. Regular exercise will help you accomplish this goal. A good start is a proper supporting shoe. Some other simple exercises can be done. Use a golf ball on the ground and your foot rolling over it for a good massage. Do not stand on the ball; just use the weight of your foot to control the pressure. Also the toes can be strengthened by trying to pick up things. Objects like tissue paper, dried beans and marbles are good things to try and pick up with the toes.

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