Green Life: What Is In Our Drinking Water – Part 1?

It is no secret that drinking water is vital to health and wellness. Though, often the water that we receive from our tap is riddled pollutants with chemical substances which are damaging to our health. Sometimes, this is readily noticeable due to smell or discoloration, yet there are many substances that are not seen and go unnoticed. Tap water, in many areas across the world has been tested and alarmingly have residue of harmful chemicals, organic and non-organic. A great way to understand what is in the water we are drinking is to investigate what facilities are in our surrounding area and to have a drinking water report performed. This article is the beginning of a series due to the surrmountable amount affects and areas to cover. Some of the pollutants are as follows:

Health Threatening Pollutants Found in Drinking Water:

• Radioactive minerals and substances
• Toxic metals and minerals
• Organic chemicals
• Additives
• Harmful microorganisms (aka – Pathogens)
• Prescription drugs
• Highly toxic chemicals from nearby frac- oil drilling (This type of drilling has become very popular across the United States and may be used in other parts of the world as well).

Radioactive Minerals

These substances can be constituted by being man-made or occurring naturally. In areas where mining is presently or previously performed, radioactive minerals are often present naturally and through runoff they typically end up in drinking water resources. The type of mining ensued will vary the types of minerals affecting the water. This is due to the exposure of rock strata which contains various levels of ore which can contain various levels of radioactivity. Often times, these minerals also end up in drinking water through electrical plants that rely upon coal-fire or smelters.

Radioactive pollutants which are man-made have various ways of reaching our water. One way which affects most communities comes from Hospitals. Hospitals are allowed to eliminate radioactive wastes of low-levels into sewers. This has great potential to reach our water. Considering that most communities have at least one if not numerous Hospitals can greatly raise the volume of potential pollutants. Other ways of these pollutants reaching water sources are thru the following:

• Nuclear plants
• Facilities for nuclear weapons
• Ships powered by nuclear means
• Docks which house nuclear ships

Toxic Metals And Minerals Found In Drinking Water:

The following list is comprised of toxic minerals and metals which are found in supplies of water. High levels of inorganic substances are harmful to our health. They also promote toxicity in a person’s body since they cannot be absorbed naturally.

Most Toxic Inorganic:

• Cadmium
• Lead
• Mercury

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The above are the most harmful and small amounts can create great damage to a persons health and even be fatal. Many vaccines studied have concluded to have Mercury added to them which research is now linking as a contributing factor to many diseases, including Autism.

Other Toxic Inorganic Minerals:

• Asbestos
• Aluminum
• Arsenic
• Barium
• Fluoride
• Nitrate
• Nitrite
• Selenium

Asbestos – has been found in water which is delivered through pipes made by asbestos cement. The health risks may arise when a certain amount of fibers are ingested and the end result may take time to be seen. The affects can lead to serious and grave diseases in time, such as Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, and Asbestosis.

Aluminum – Health risks arise when consumed in large amounts. There are ongoing studies and while some affects are still in debate – links to breast cancer, neurotoxicity, contact dermatitis, vomiting, and digestive disorders have been confirmed. Many believe that there is a direct link of aluminum to Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease (I am one of them), though studies have yet to prove this point conclusively. In my personal opinion, with having lost a grandparent due to the deterioration of Dementia and researching various resources; Dementia seems to be more prevalent in today’s society with consuming so many processed foods and beverages which are packaged in aluminum cans.

Inorganic Minerals – All of the above have damaging affects to health in various levels of intake. Many of the outcomes are debilitating or fatal diseases.

Trace Minerals

• Chromium
• Copper
• Silver

The minerals above do have health benefits so long as they are consumed in the appropriate dosage. They can be organically absorbed and are found in algae, plants and some supplements.

How Do I Ensure My Water is safe?

There are ways to ensure healthy drinking water. A first step is to have a water report done on your local water. I invite you to a free – no obligation water report click here. The best way to know what we are drinking is to have a home filtration system in our homes – or available in offices and communities readily available to provide healthy drinking water. I have a Life Ionizer™ 7600 to ensure our family is receiving healthy water which is alkaline. We are also now sharing the water with our community to help others have a better advantage of optimum health.

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About the Author: Jodi Hoeksel is the founder of Vibrant Health Solutions. She is fiercely passionate about living, researching, and writing about green life – conscious lifestyles. She is dedicated raising her consciousness and working with others in raising gobal collective consiousness. Learn more about Jodi here. Feel free to to contact her using the contact form.


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