Eucalyptus Oil – Health Benefits From Uses Of Eucalyptus Oil

The substance that is derived from the eucalyptus leaf prevalently found in Australia is known as eucalyptus oil. The leaves of this tree are a favorite supper of Koalas all over Australia. It is known to be useful for many different things, such as fragrances, medicinal uses, as flavoring and pest repellents. Although it is native to Australia, there are trees that have become somewhat of a nuisance in other parts of the world, where they have become numerous and invasive, such as in California.

This oil can come in pure form and is also produced in a variety of grades, some less pure. These are generally produced with camphor oil, rather than true eucalyptus oil. The purest forms come from places like Australia, South Africa and Spain, where the tree is native to the soil. The less pure forms are manufactured mainly through China. The difference in grades is usually noted on the outside of the bottle, indicating the amount of cineole/eucalyptus oil that is in the product.

Aromatherapy essential oil of this kind has anti inflammatory properties when applied as a lotion or liniment to the skin wounds. It helps to clean the wound and protect it from any invading infection or bacteria. It promotes healthy and prompt healing. It can be used as a pest deterrent and is flammable. The chances of poisoning are slim but in high doses, the chances rise considerably. There should always be precautions taken when ingesting it.

There are some dental practices that use this oil in their soaps to help the gums, mouth and teeth stay healthy. This oil is known to have microbial properties that make it good for cleansing.

This kind of essential oil is also used by mining industries around the world to separate metallic sulphides. It has properties that would make it a viable source of fuel if the cost was not as high as it is. It does not look like there is a true opportunity to use it as fuel, but it has been used by the industries in conjunction with other fuels for stability purposes.

Some manufacturers have created lotions and perfumes based off of eucalyptus essential oil. Its properties give off a wood scent, a comfortable and familiar scent to people who love deep scents.

The leaves and the oil from this tree have provided Australian natives an excellent source to a natural treatment for colds, sinus infections, body pain and fever, typical reactions to the flu. It was used during the Civil War as a topical antiseptic for wounded soldiers.

Eucalyptus oil has been used as flavoring for foods and can be added to meats, beverages and baked goods, as long as the dosage is correct. There is somewhat of a chance of poisoning associated with this oil, although the dosage would have to be incredibly high, ingested or transferred through lotion or liniment through the skin.

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