Alkaline Foods | The Importance Of Having Alkaline Foods In The Diet

A lot of things about how we live had been changed by advancements in technology. However, not all these changes are for the better, such as the current diet of most people. Processed and refined food products fill up groceries. Fresh produce is marred by toxins like fertilizers and pesticides. Because of all these, it’s important to have alkaline diet">alkaline foods in the diet.

Our body needs to maintain a balanced ratio of chemicals within it, which is measured in the pH scale. But sometimes, because of certain factors like the food we eat, this ratio of alkalinity to acidity goes out of whack. If there’s an abnormally high level of acids in the body, a condition known as acidosis may arise.

There are numerous signs and symptoms which you may observe of you have acidosis. Your body may produce more fat cells to protect itself, resulting in obesity. The skeletal system may suffer too. Problems with it commonly linked to acidosis include arthritis, joint pains and osteoporosis – the weakening of the bone.

Plaque may form inside the arteries, which is dangerous as it usually leads to heart attack. You may also suffer from infections, colds, coughs and bronchitis that frequently resurface. The skin may develop a bad case of acne. As your immune system is compromised, you’re likely to feel tired and listless all the time.

Medicines are usually prescribed to deal with all these issues. But what they do is only mask these signs and symptoms. The truth is some of these medicines can even worsen the levels of acid within. Abnormally high amounts of it make it hard to be neutralized by your body. But the diet can play a role in restoring the pH scale.

Through increased consumption of alkaline foods, excessive acids in you can be neutralized effectively. A complete list of them can be easily found on the net. However, you really don’t have to stick to these items solely. As a general rule, about 75 percent of your diet should be composed of them.

There are some amazing Alkaline foods that you need to look into. For an Alkaline diet, if you’re going on one, you need to let us give you a list of the foods.

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