Peppermint Essential Oil – The Aromatherapy Favorite

Peppermint essential oil has held a prominent role throughout known human history. The Menthol family of mints are very common. They grow easily in dark, wet places, often in the shade of other plants. They can be considered invasive for some crops, as they will quickly and easily overgrow an area. They are hardy plants and easily cross-breed, as well as easily split into sub-groups. This makes them very adaptable, with a large number of hybrids. Peppermint is one of the oldest hybrids, a cross between water-mint and spearmint that happened naturally in the wild.

Peppermint Oil Background

peppermint essential oil
Peppermint has been one of the most popular mints since the height of ancient civilizations. The Romans and Greeks treasured the valuable herb. However, it grew so commonly that even the common people made use of it. Students wore wreaths of peppermint to improve their concentration. Leaves of peppermint were scattered on the floors and flowers hung on the wall to beautify and deodorize homes and businesses. The smell of peppermint essential oil was omnipresent.

Every serious practitioner of aromatherapy considers peppermint to be a basic oil, necessary for any complete aromatherapy set. It has both soothing and exciting properties. It tends to relieve stress and relax the muscles. At the same, it provides a soft stimulation for the conscious mind. Memory, attention to detail, and learning all increase under the influence of peppermint.

Peppermint essential oil is also commonly used in massage. The aromatic fragrance helps enhance the experience. In the addition, the cooling and soothing properties of peppermint aid in the process of massage. It provides numerous benefits to the skin and muscles. The main benefit is increased circulation, which helps revitalize and repair tissues in the applied area.

Make sure to order high quality oils. The quality of the oil makes a major difference in results. Oil produced from weaker mints or adulterated by neutral oils is much less effective. Higher quality essential oils may come with a higher price, but provide a much greater value. A much smaller amount will have a greater effect, compared to inferior oils. Select a producer and vendor with a reputation for quality and consistency.

How To Blend Peppermint Essential Oil

Carrier oils are an important part of using essential oils. Undiluted essentials are quite strong. Some of them can damage plastics, stain fabrics, and burn the sensitive skin. Carriers serve the purpose of diluting the pure essentials to a therapeutic and safe dosage. Taking care to use the proper amount for the proper purpose is very important.

Some of them have therapeutic effects of their own. For example, almond and avocado oils are excellent carriers for a massage mixture. Their mild scent is complementary to the mint and they have excellent conditioning properties for the skin. Take care to select the best carrier oil for your intended use. It will greatly improve results and the pleasure of the experience.

Peppermint is a commonly known and widely loved herb. The clear, cold fragrance of peppermint essential oil is unmistakable. People have found a wide variety of uses for the pungent plant. It was used in the earliest days of human civilization and continues to be widely used in modern times.

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