Holistic Health Tips For Centering Your Energy

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Centering is something that people may have heard of but not everyone knows what it is. Centering, in its basic form, is a way of refocusing your energy and gathering this from within to be focused on what you want and expand this outward. You are becoming center and not scattered, lost, or confusion.

You do not need to be in the healing arts or a practitioner to work with centering exercises. They are for everyone who desires to take control of their issues and energy fields to work on every area of their life. When we are being stretched so thin with many activities in our life we need to take some time for ourselves to recoup to go on. Centering can help with these feelings of being scattered, confused, or lost.

Holistic Health - Wellness

When you begin your centering exercises you will notice that things seem to be brought back into perspective and focus for you. You have a calmness and peace that is brought upon your energy fields when you do this type of work. Centering also helps with lowering your blood pressure, boosting your immune system, relaxing the tension from your muscles and calms and quiets the mind so that you can refocus back on the present moment in front of you.

One basic centering exercise you can practice anywhere is through visualization. To start this one image you are breathing in a wonderful gold colored energy from the universal connection through your crown chakra and through your feet chakras. This energy will meet at your solar plexus chakra, which is in the middle of your abdomen, and you will breathe this in for the count of six and breathe out all of the negative black or gray matter that is pulling you apart. This energy will continue to build until it fills your entire body. Once this does expand this energy outward from your solar plexus chakra into the universe through your intention for your centering to be complete.

Enhance your life today by working with centering your own energy. You have an infinite potential power that resides from with and you can control this through centering exercises. Start today and see how much more calm and peaceful you are throughout the rest of your day after just trying this once!

Nicole Lanning is the founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute and author of Healing U. For more information about energy healing, spiritual healing, or holistic healing,contact her personally with your questions.

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