How To Feel Your Aura Layers Through Holistic Health Tips

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Working with sensing and seeing aura layers is something I think everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. We are all comprised of this wonderful energy and to be able to use these exercises to work with them is something that can benefit you on a day to day basis.

These aura layers are here to help us for many reasons. They are here to work for us with protection issues, to help us enhance our healing and sensing abilities, and to teach us about all of these vibrational frequencies to increase our healing in our life. They surround us as large energetic bubbles, one inside another, protecting all of our energy!

Holistic Health - 7 Aura Layers

Our aura layers extend out from our physical body up to twelve inches per each layer. There are seven major aura layers that are surrounding your physical body, and each layer represents different issues within your life and energy.

You can learn to work with your aura layers in many ways, as they are here to assist you – your holistic health – and energy pathway in life. Working with them is about having fun, understanding, and growth on your pathway!

To work with sensing this on your own you can do a simple exercise at home. Sit comfortably and hold your hands in front of you about six to eight inches apart. Breathe in slowly and then exhale deeply. You will now begin to move your hands back and forth slowly and then more quickly. You will start to feel this pressure in-between them. This is your energy that you are feeling!

Working with others in a group can be a fun exercise as well. To do this, have one person blindfolded in the middle of a room. Have other people quietly walk around the person getting closer and closer until the person says ?Stop?. The blindfolded person needs to say this when they ?feel? that someone is near them. They take of the blindfold and see where they were. The key is to be very quiet and not move too quickly.

You can also sense aura work through reading aura colors and layers. It is something fun to practice with, but do not get hung up on this exercise alone as there are many other ways to sense auras. Have a friend sit in front of a dimly light white background. Sit across from them and focus your attention on the area just above their head. Make sure not to shift your focus or you will have to restart the exercise. After a bit of practice you will begin to see the colors of their aura layers.

Working with your sensing abilities and your aura layers can be done on a day to day basis. It is something that is fun to work with and you can do this to increase your own knowledge. The more you practice, the better you will become and the more success you will have. This can then lead to holistic healing in many areas of your life, and it all can start from sensing your aura layers today!

Founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute, Nicole Lanning is an expert certified healer. Find out more about energy, spiritual, and holistic healing services by contacting her today!

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