Holistic Therapy Tips For Complete Emotional Healing

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Working with your emotional healing through holistic therapy is something we all have a need for in our life. There are a ton of emotions that we can feel at any given time and to work through them is something we need to do in order to heal completely. For this it is not just about letting go of the negative emotions, but also bringing in the positive ones to really and truly enjoy our life.

Using emotional healing in your life, with or without distant healing is something that can be a bit confusing for many people. It is not that you will remove all emotion from your being. Nor will you experience all of the prior emotions again and have to relive certain experiences. It is about releasing these for you to replace them in your life with positive issues and emotions so that you can move forward and not be held back.

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Emotional healing is not about removing emotions from within your energetic state of being. We are not robots nor can we be programmed this way. What emotional healing is good for is working on the purging and releasement of certain emotions so that they do not control your mind issues or cause any more distress to your physical body.

Will you feel these emotions again? Absolutely, remember I said we are not robots. You will experience emotions that you have felt before but not to the same degree.

It is all about really diving into this work to understand that you emotional basis for this is tied to the issues that caused them in your life. You have to remove the link between the two and see that you have them tied together through this emotional traumatic event in your life.

Let me explain a bit more with an example. Think about when you were a child. Maybe you were hurt by a parent or guardian in your life and you are dealing with an emotional healing issue with abuse, resentment, or anger.

Emotional healing removes the connection between the issue and the emotion. This is then released so that you can see clearly the issue without the emotion behind it. This helps you to fully understand what happened at that time in your life so that this can then be released.

The most important things to remember about emotional healing work is to purge the emotion before moving forward. For this you have to separate the emotion from the issue and then release this. Once this has been completed you can then move forward, see the physical situation at hand and work on dealing with this. It is a positive ripple that happens when you drop a pebble in the pond of emotional healing.

Nicole Lanning, expert certified healer in Reiki healing and working with others in holistic healing through Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute.

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