Remembering your Past Is The Key To The Future

Past Life Regression

It is believed that only twenty-five percent of today’s population believe in reincarnation. With a low percentage of believers, this does not mean that it is true. Haven’t you ever felt pulled towards something, or a connection with something and you had no idea why? Ever have a talent you didn’t know where it came from?

You know what I’m referring to I’m sure. Sometimes we feel strongly about something for no reason at all. Maybe something important from a past life.

Unfortunately, its possible existence or validity is overlooked by many people and tends to be ignored. The opportunity to expand personally is missed out by that person or persons. To discover who they were in the past and who they are today, in the present.

What is not realized is the lost opportunity of getting in touch with your past lives impedes your personal successes and achievements.

It is fact that the extensive research into past life regression has proven to be a very powerful toll in helping suffers of emotional problems.

The clearing and healing trauma, is a very common benefit of life regression. We have two choices when trauma happens and we can either try to change it of face it straight on.
When we are talking about life regression and facing trauma we also have the option of rescuing the past self and helping him/her move forward to the now where the trauma can be viewed as a whole by the Higher Self.

Contacting our creative sides is possible with the help of past life regression. Without exception, everyone is imbued with many talents and abilities which can help with guiding them in making choices and dealing with situations that they experience throughout their life. Going back into past lives with life regression makes it possible to bring these abilities forward to use as a inner guide.

We don’t want bad karma coming back to us, but karma always does. With past life regression we can revisit a past life in which we created or banded a contract or agreement that is now bringing us issues in this life.

To do this you need to go back to that time period of agreement or contract was made. You can go back with the help of an inner guide and decide to either atone or see if the contract can be modified to help with your present situation.

There is also the most significant benefit for going through past life regression and that is grounding and affirming one’s self.

People who go back to a past life through past life regression want to feel more grounded and this is not uncommon and they also become more aware of themselves as a person. It’s factual that they are now aware why they have some connections, desires, characteristics and talents.

This information explains and enables them to move forward and embrace who they are and to live more completely.

Experts in this field will agree, that if a person truly wants to improve or enhance their own lives, they need to practice past life regression. This will help you remember who you were in your past life and teach you how to be more fulfilled this time.

You may not believe this, but if you believe the feelings and events you are experiencing are simply figments of your imagination, a catharsis takes place opening your mind, breaking down barriers from blocking the achievement of the goals you want to accomplish during your lifetime.

Lets briefly recap. The benefits of life regression also include coping and dealing with trauma situations from the past. This allows us to move forward in this life, the present. Having dealt with these past situations makes it easier to make better choices and decisions. This is possible because we’ve already dealt with them in the past.

Just as in history, if you know your history the chances of repeating your mistakes in the present are unlikely. This is true in your personal life and world wide. If you’ve been dishonest in the past and you have paid the piper you can change your old bad habits now, in the present, for the better.

One of the most important benefits of all with past life regression is the understanding you will have of who you are in the present and why you are.

The opportunity now exists for you to live your life to the fullest. Utilizing all of your potentials. All of your talents, skills and abilities, before unknown to you.

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