Location And Benefits Of Herbal Supplement Rhodiola Rosea

Clinical trials have been said to prove that Rhodiola rosea is a great herbal supplement. Others claim the product is highly overrated. The truth may lie someplace in the middle of both of these claims, and a bit of background information may help you in making your own decision.

A small green plant that sprouts tiny yellow flowers, it is found in the most unusual places. The cold and barren areas of Siberia see it growing as well as the North American Rocky Mountains. Herbalists have long laid claim that this tiny herb can dispel fatigue, stress and anxiety by boosting the body’s own immune system.

rhodiola rosea herbal supplement

The herb can be taken in amounts of 150 to 300 milligrams a day when extracted from two percent rosavin. Using one percent rosavin the dose can be increased to 300 to 600 milligrams per day. Rosavin is the main ingredient that gives the herb its purpose. Not all stressful situations can be anticipated but if you are facing a period of stress, the herbs should be take a month prior to that time. Continuation would be observed through the difficult time. Some say that higher doses can be ingested just prior to an anxiety causing event but this matter should be thoroughly discussed with one’s physician.


Cold and dark climates are said to induce feelings of stress and fatigue. Areas such as Northern and Eastern Europe, and and Northeast Asia are all areas that have the climactic conditions. Thus they are perfect locations for studying the effects of Rosavin. Depressed mental and physical states have both been treated with this herb.

Scientist in Russia were the first to proclaim the properties of this plant. Their studies were said to prove that this herb actually does treat both mental and physical symptoms. Its organic compounds are said to boost the natural immune system in order to fight off the depressive feelings.

Research done in the Soviet Union that lauds this herb as being so beneficial were done long ago and there are no present studies to back up their claims. More modern research done in the West show there is something to be said for Rhodiola rosea, although their findings are not as strong as those coming from Russia. With a very low incidence of toxicity, you may wish to try it for yourself and see how you feel. Discussion with your physician is advised before adding any herb to your regular regimen.

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