Using Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil comes from a plant with fuzzy leaves that comes primarily from Southern Europe, although it also can come from Morocco or Russia. The Latin name for it is Salvia Sclarea and has been reported to be of excellent benefit in aromatherapy to help with self esteem and confidence, and to help alleviate symptoms of depression. The fragrance can be distributed in a vaporizer or oil burner product and even in a relaxing bath to calm and soothe your troubles away.


Uses Of Clary Sage Essential Oil


Another well known usage is to aid in women’s health, such as PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms, before, during and after. The plant ingredient that mimics the natural estrogen in the body is called Sclareol, and acts much in the same way as artificial hormone replacements do, but without the harmful side effects. Try massaging the oil on the affected areas, like the lower part of the back and abdomen to relieve cramping and bloating.

clary sage essential oil

clary sage essential oil

For PMS and all stages of menopause, the aromatherapy usage has been reported to be the most beneficial, as the woodsy, musky fragrance can calm and relax your senses. But it can also uplift, recharge and induce happiness at the same time, so it has many benefits to mood and behavior. Although side effects appear to be few, you should still follow general precautionary measures, such as not using alcohol or sedatives at the same time as theraputic grade Clary Sage, and using externally only. Although some people do use it for internal ills, it is not recommended.


Alternative Health Benefits Of Clary Sage Essential Oil


Before the widespread usage of modern medicine this oil was touted as a way to induce labor in pregnant women who were overdue, as well as helping to ease the pain and stress of delivery. This remedy appears to be making a comeback in recent years, with women swearing by its use, and massage it on pulse points in the wrists and ankles frequently, even though many doctors dispute the effectiveness and safety.

Asthma and bronchial infections and inflammations have been reported to be helped with this wonderful oil, as well. It works by killing off the bacteria already present and by inhibiting any new bacteria growth from happening. By combining with another beneficial oil, Frankincense Essential, and mixing into a cream or leaving as a mixed oil, rubbing it liberally onto the chest and throat area can help open clogged nasal passages. This will also help the mixture to soak into the affected tissues and help to relieve painful bronchial spasms and sore throats.

Another use of clary sage oil that was discovered many years ago is to relieve skin irritations and inflammations caused by acne, eczema, shaving rash or any other skin problems that plague the human body. It should not be applied to broken skin or open wounds, but gentle dabbing on affected areas can help soothe the burning and pain associated with various skin abrasions.

A couple of more unusual effects that have been explored with Clary Sage is that it can produce very vivid and strange dreams in some people, while encouraging peaceful sleep with others. It also has been widely reported to be an effective aphrodisiac, especially in women, as it can boost libido and general sense of well being, making sexual desire much higher.

Although true Clary Sage can be expensive, it really benefits you to get the best quality oil you can, from reputable sources for overall purity and effectiveness.

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