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At Vibrant home Health,  Our Mission is to:

* Inform

* Inspire

* Educate


Grow together as a worldwide Community of Green Life Consciousness!

We believe that each person has the power, beyond our perceptions to create vibrant health through natural resources available. Our aim is to share information, products and services we believe in to achieve a vibrant life. At the same time, we will never imply that what we share here is the best option for everyone. Each individual has their own unique circumstances and shall remain accountable for making responsible choices for themselves.

Some topics we shall be sharing:

– Healthy Drinking water
– Alkaline living
– Alkaline Diets
– Whole Food Diets

Raw Food Diet
– Fitness/Yoga
– The Power of Mind Consciousness – The Power of Thoughts
– How to Create a Green Life
– Green Cleaning
– Sustainable Living
– Essential oils

– Reiki
– Crystals / Crystal Healing
– Inspirational Quotes – Expressions of Gratitude

We feel the path to a vibrant lifestyle and optimal health are vast, so what we share here is bound to be seamlessly endless.

About the Founder:


Thank you for visiting Vibrant Health Solutions. My name is Jodi. I have created this site due to my passion for health, wellness, mind consciousness, natural remedies, and utilizing the vast natural resources we have within and around us to lead the most vibrant lives. I am originally from America and spent the prime of my twenties living in and traveling to what I felt, some of the most beautiful destinations in the world while holding the dream of writing, sharing and helping people. While doing such, I’ve worn many hats including: working as high-end hairdresser, fine dining server, to specialty residential/industrial painting business owner. Needless to say, along the way I’ve been blessed with many lovely mentors who have shared invaluable knowledge and wisdom with me, which has had a great impact on my life for the better. In 2008, my family and I relocated to the United Kingdom and circumstances surrounding the migration to this lovely country afforded me to spend more time researching and writing. For the past 2 years, I’ve been enjoying the journey of pursuing my passion for writing and publishing full-time.

I have personally benefited from the many of the areas of topics we share here, including: alkaline water, alkaline foods, whole foods, raw foods, aromatherapy, essential oils, reiki, crystal healing, yoga, travel & leisure, green living, green cleaning, and inspirational quotes. What I have found is, we humans are so powerful. What we think, how we perceive life, and what we ingest truly have an overwhelming affect on our quality of life and our risk for dis-ease.

There is a website which I offer further information regarding the great benefits of alkaline drinking water. At that site I have an open invitation for you to receive a free water report and a free e-book for further education on the many health benefits this water offers. My family has benefited greatly from this drinking water and we are happily sharing it with friends and our surrounding community. I chose a Life Ionizer after much research. Really, I do feel there are a few good choices for ionizers and it will all come down to a personal choice. I chose a Life Ionizer for 3 reasons:

1. First and only ionizer to be included in the Physician’s Reference Desk.
2. Endorsed by People against Cancer.
3. Top quality while more affordable than others.

I was introduced to alkaline water by an American friend in 2007, who has an Enagic Ionizer. They are great machines too, you can see the comparison here. But, when it came down to purchasing a unit, my main goal was to enhance my families health while also having the ability to share healthy water with others. My friends’ machine was more expensive than I could afford due to the price reflecting a MLM business foundation. A Life Ionizer is more reasonable due to it not providing so many commissions to a pyramid of people. But hey, we all have unique needs and my belief is that any means one can get into contact with alkaline water can greatly benefit their life. I will be posting the many ways we are able to use the ionizer in our home which has helped to stop using potentially harmful cleaning agents – having healthier plants – and importantly how we can keep our bodies at an alkaline level for health! When our bodies are at a healthy alkaline level, we naturally detoxify. Professional studies have also found that diseases cannot survive in alkaline environments. I am very excited to share all the many ways we can keep at the brink of preventative health. We are very grateful as well to share wonderful insights from guest authors.

For a while now, my passions have expanded to seek deeper into sustainable living, organic gardens, and green building. Here in Wales, we have many inspiring individuals and organizations with a wealth of information and experience in these topics. So hopefully in the near future, I will make some connections to expand in these areas. It is a goal of mine to learn and share tips on creating and sustaining more independent green life. It appears to me, where the economies of many countries are at this moment, many of us could have a more peaceful frame of mind if we could create a more simplistic foundation of needs, while utilizing the natural elements around us. In the meantime, I’ve invited contributors to share articles in these areas.

We would love if you joined us:

I appreciate all who wish to be apart of our journey and keep up to date with what we have to share. Therefore, I’ve created a few ways for you to stay connected. You can subscribe to our newsletter, RSS Feed, Twitter , or Facebook Fan Page. Which ever way suites you, we are grateful for your connection.

In vibrant love and light,


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