Secrets Of An Amazing New Life Using Cosmic Ordering

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The Role Of The Reiki Master


A Reiki Master is one who is an expert in the art of Reiki or the ancient Tibetan method of Palm Healing. Reiki is all about accessing the infinite source of positive energy of the cosmos which gets channelized thereafter through a Reiki Master/Practitioner’s palms on to himself or another’s body for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation and most importantly healing.

The Magic Of Lucid Dreams

lucid dreaming2

Lucid Dreaming Something which may amaze you to learn is that it is possible to be aware that you are dreaming even while in the middle of the experience and even begin to control the course of your dream! Such dreams are called lucid dreams and they allow you to sit in the director’s chair…

Chakra Energy Unleashed


At the outset, let me share a secret that very few people in the world know (and if they know, they dont acknowledge it!). All the human beings have a huge reservoir of energy, large enough to make sure that our physical and mental health always remains upbeat. This secret is a commonplace among large Hindu and Buddhist population in India and other parts of the world, for most Americans and Europeans, this is an invaluable piece of information, which theyd like to explore further.

You Can Utilize Best Friend Quotes Any Day You See Fit


It is not every day that we find someone that we can call our best friend. Having a best friend is a great thing; earning that heading is even more special. As we journey through life we come across many different types of people; most are only acquaintances. “It is by chance we met . . .By choice we became friends.” Clarence Clemens. It is scarce to start out as best friends but once in a while we meet the right person that we automatically click with. Best friend quotes can let them know exactly how you are feeling on any given moment.It doesn’t have to be a particular moment to let your best friend know that you are thinking of them.

Understanding Projection Of Astral Body

Projection of Astral Body refers to separation of one’s inner soul or spirit from that of his physical body and projection of the same outwards from the latter into other astral planes or higher realms of consciousness.

Mastering Remote Viewing How-To Methods

Have you been looking to learn a few remote viewing how to methods? This isn’t something that gets boring too easily. The concept of remote viewing is one that is based in the idea that you will be able to see something occurring without your physical body actually being present for the event.