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Brighten Your Day With Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oils - Aromatherapy

These days we can buy supercritical carbon dioxide extract of tropical Hibiscus seeds grown in Ecuador, or certified organic combined fractions of Ylang Ylang essential oil — so Lemon essential oil is just not that interesting anymore! But the practitioner interested in therapeutic activity should never forget how amazing Lemon really is. It has a very diverse set of effects, which comes down to it being a great “pick me up” any way you look at it. Here’s a review of these effects, and how you can very easily make use of them every day.

Nebulizing, Warming Or Ultrasonic: What’s The Best Essential Oil Diffuser?


Essential oils have become more and more popular in recent years, as their wide variety of truly therapeutic uses have been recognized. To gain the benefits of essential oils, therapists and practitioners typically use one of three modalities: topical application, ingestion and inhalation. Amazingly, inhaling essential oils can have profound effects on the mind and body, beyond the simply enjoyment of a pleasing aroma. And to take advantage of these potential therapeutic effects, an aromatherapy diffuser is used — yet there are several styles of diffusers available, each with particular benefits. Here’s a look at the diffusers you’ll find, and some help choosing the best one for your needs.

Protecting Yourself And Your Family From Illness With Essential Oils


Preventing and treating infectious illness is the number one proven medicinal application for essential oils. A great many oils have scientifically proven antibacterial, antiviral, and even immune-boosting actions. Using oils to prevent colds and flu is a very simple affair — here’s a little background, along with quick recipes and techniques to stay healthy through the cooler months.

Reduce Your Stress With A Massage Therapy Chair


You have forgotten how to relax! Owning your own massage chair, would be a great way to remember. So after a hard day at work or dealing with the kids you can fall back into that relaxing chair and take a break. In this article are listed some great ways on how you use your massage chair to reduce stress and relieve muscle tension.