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Healing Crystals: Crystals To Use During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a gift a time to deeply connect with your own body, where your senses and intuition are heightened effortlessly. Experiences of sheer joy, increased perception and clarity become normal. Being focused into your body as you start out creating new life you begin to relate to it in a new way, fears can arise, emotions run out of control and come from nowhere, our bodies stretch and transform dramatically and hormones fill you turning your mind to jelly. You are key witness to magic, when 1 becomes 2, where transformation and metamorphosis fill every moment.

Bring Calm Into Your Life With Massage Therapy

massage therapy with stones

Because the term massage therapy brings to mind some very strange ideas, there are a lot of people who would not even consider it as a career. But to other people, it is a dream opportunity to help people who suffer from a number of medical conditions. It is actually a part of physical medicine, and a lot of people benefit greatly from the treatment. There will be some who would like to help these people, but the thought that they would have a lot of physical contact with somebody else does not make them opt for this as a career move.

5 Methods For A Home Acne Cure Treatment


Acne Treatment For Home Use Acne is one of those conditions that is especially vexing to its victims because it can be triggered by many things and make an appearance at the most inopportune times. The solutions for acne are many and can range from drugstore creams to professional services administered at the dermatologist’s office.…

The Best Cure For Acne Need Not Be Costly And Harsh


Acne Cure Treatment Some people suffering from acne will never hesitate to subscribe to over the counter treatments. But, sadly, they’re not the best cure for acne around. Not only are they expensive, but they can even aggravate your problem. Some of these treatments contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. With an irritated…

Adult Stem Cells – Supplements With Blue Green Algae

adult stem cells - blue algae and green algae - supplements AFA

AFA, or blue green algae, is known to be one of the most nutritious foods on earth. Health advantages have been studied and results concluded that it was very beneficial for immune system and cell condition. The sun, water and air provide the nutrients that make algae grow. More vitamins and minerals can be found in naturally grown algae than in what is cultivated. Tests have shown that boosting stem cell release and migration can be accomplished through the extract taken from AFA.

Medicinal Benefits Of Natural Herbal Remedies


Natural herbal remedies come in different types and forms, and have been for hundreds of years. The medicinal value of these herbs however, is no longer in question. Curing different types of diseases and ailments with natural herbs are now more popular, all because they are safe and effective.

Benefits Of Reflexology – Improved Holistic Wellness And Balance


If you want to gain any benefit from Reflexology then you need to take the time to orient yourself with this alternative healing method – only then can you understand the part that it plays in holistic wellness. Of course, many people are drawn by the benefits more than the actual practice of reflexology but many don’t realize that if it’s not performed properly then there are no benefits to be had.