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Lucid Dreaming Techniques


We are so happy to dream beautiful things, but unfortunately we are often dream some other thing which we don’t wish to see. To avoid this you should try to practice lucid dreaming techniques. But what is lucid dreaming? The most appropriate definition about lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming. Yes you can be aware of your dream and at the same time you can control and even decide what you should dream. How is it? Feel wonderful? The person in this condition is called a lucid dreamer.

Lucid Dreams – An Awesome Experience!

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Dreams that you have where you know they are dreams and control the final outcomes of the dream are called lucid dreams. These are the type of dreams where you pick the subject or the person they are about and make the dream come out the way you want yet you feel like you are fully awake, similar to day dreaming.

The Magic Of Lucid Dreams

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Lucid Dreaming Something which may amaze you to learn is that it is possible to be aware that you are dreaming even while in the middle of the experience and even begin to control the course of your dream! Such dreams are called lucid dreams and they allow you to sit in the director’s chair…