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Protect Your Skin From Aging With This Fantastic Essential Oil Formula


We all want to protect our skin from aging, and would love to be using the best products for this purpose. You can easily mix up some one of the world’s finest anti-aging skin care blends at home, for a fraction of the cost of the high end products. Because you’re not paying for advertising and shelf space in a high end store, you can use the finest ingredients every step of the way, while directly targeting the causes of premature skin aging.

Aromatherapy | Making Aromatic Mists For Therapeutic Uses


Natural aromatic oils are a feast for our senses, and their properties work their magic in a holistic way on the health of our mind, body and spirit. As a preventative medicine, aromatherapy is unsurpassed; it is useful in balancing psychological health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue. The aromatic use of essential oils is also wonderful for overall mood enhancement, stress reduction and even sleep enhancement. And one of the most simple and effective means of using essential oils is in an aromatherapy spray. These easily made ‘mists’ are a wonderful way to introduce the natural healing effects of essential oils to your family, and create a high-vibration atmosphere in your home.

The Finest Essential Oils For Summer Skin Care


Summer is here and many of us are spending more time out in the sun. And though we may apply sunscreen liberally, at the end of long hot days our skin will still feel the effect of the sun’s rays. Friends in that natural health sciences tell us that most damage from sun exposure to our skin is our result of ultra violet rays creating free radicals within our skins cells. Our skin becomes inflamed as a result. Fortunately, topically applied antioxidants can quench these free radicals, reduce inflammation, and leave our skin with a happy healthy glow. Application of the proper formula can have a marked effect in reducing premature aging for yourself and everyone in your family.